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 Benefits of a Standing Seam Mechanical Lock Metal Roof
  Standing Seam Mechanical Lock is a process where  sheet panels are connected by a vertical locking mechanism called the seam. The 1'' seams run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves allowing water to drain freely off the roof. Standing seam metal roofs are virtually maintenance free and can easily shed water, snow and ice better than any other roofing materials.

​Standing seam provide protection from the elements in all climates. Government buildings commonly use  standing seam because of its effectiveness.

Unlike any other metal roofs, Standing Seam Mechanical Lock 
   is attached  to the roof deck by a cleat avoiding penetrating the 
panel itself and concealing all fasteners.
This system is designed to handle thermal shock and therefore won't crack, blister, absorb moisture or require painting, patching or caulking usually needed with other roof systems. 

Your home is the most important asset. This is why you should
 only have a professional install a Standing Seam Mechanical Lock
 metal roof. It takes a skilled roofer and the proper equipment to 
do the job right the first time. Improper installation can greatly
 affect the waterproofing properties and compromise the long lasting
 integrity of your roof. Choosing a Standing Seam Mechanical Lock
 metal roof will be a long-term investment in your home that will last decades.
 In pitch break areas we can make panels long enough from the ridge all the way down to the eaves.  One solid panel from the top of the house (ridge) to the edge (eave) of the porch.
Fully equipped Sheet Metal Shop for all your custom trims.    
On jobsite panformer machine. We form panels at the job site. This prevents material from being damaged when transporting and it minimizes waste.
New Roofs   ~   Re-roofs
  • Flashing Trims
  • Valleys
  • Chimney Flashings
  • Hip Cap 
  • Ridge Cap 
  • Chimney Cap 
  • Seamless Gutters
  • Box Gutters
  • Solar Attic Fans 
  • Curb Mount Skylights
  • Metal Siding in Standing Seam Double Lock or Single Lock

Standing Seam Mechanical Lock 24 Gauge
Painted Metal (31 Colors), Galvalume, and Copper
Explore some of the color choices under our Photo Gallery
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