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1" Standing Seam Mechanical Lock

-  Double Lock or Single Lock

-  24 Gauge 

-  Concealed fasteners

-  Dura Coat Durapon 70 (PVDF, high end paint coating, 35yrs paint warranty. No chalking, fading or peeling.)

-  Galvalume 20yrs warranty

-  No penetration through panels.

-  Longevity​

-  Light weight 

-  Durability

-  Energy Efficient

-  Field formed with panformer machine.

-  Seamless panel from ridge to eave. 

-  Installed as low as 1:12 pitch.

-  Clean, cut finish.

-  Curb appeal.

-  This roofing system looks good in any type of home.
Oil Canning is a wavy appearance found in some metal roofing panels. This does not affect the structural integrity and is not accepted as cause for field rejection.
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NOTE: All of our panels come standard with striation marks, unless specified otherwise