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                                                  Hi, my name is Arturo. I'm one of the owners of A-Z Metal Roofing.
                                         Here I'm going to talk a little bit about two types of roofing material 
                                                             commonly used here in Central Texas.

Shingles is the most popular                                                                                        And did you know over 11 million tons
and inexpensive but it will                                                                                            go to landfills every year and will take 
cost you more in the long run.                                                                                     300 years to decompose. Crazy right!      
​                                                                                                                                              That can't be good for our planet.

                              Now compare that to metal roofing                                                               In metal roofing there are countless styles
                              which is 100% RECYCLABLE and                                                                   and profiles. It can get stressful trying to figure
                              it has 25% recycled                                                                                              which one is best for you.
                              metal in it.

                                                                                 Here I'm going to show you two metal roof systems: one with 

                                                              Exposed fasteners                      and one with                Concealed fasteners.

Based on my 20 yrs. of experience with metal roofing I want show you why I think a Standing Seam Double Lock metal roof will be a                                                                                                        great choice for your home.

                                            This particular one is a R-Panel in 24 gauge, rigid, light weight yet very strong. This material will last for                                                        decades. However, there are a few things to consider before choosing exposed fastener profiles.         

 For example, all metal roofs in general contract and expand with changes in temperature. Thermal movement can cause fasteners to loosen and back out over time.  When this happens, moisture start to enter and rot the decking and making them weak to up-wind resistance.

     Here we have a picture of a couple of fasteners not properly fastened that will affect the installation of the panel on the roof deck.

This fastener is over tighten, not good.                                                                                                             And this one is stript definitely not 
​                                                                                                                                                                                       good!

This picture is just a small setup at our shop, but if you have a roof with exposed fasteners you will 
be surprise how many of these mistakes you will find, even on a new roof. Most exposed fastener
 systems use fasteners that penetrate the metal panels and have gaskets designed to
 keep the penetration from leaking. Unfortunately these rubber gaskets won't last very long with this hot 
Texas weather. The summer heat will toast the washer, destroying it's purpose in a few years.

These systems are not recommended to be installed on residential with roof pitch less than 3 on 12.

           Now here we have a Standing Seam Double Lock in 24 gauge,same material as the one I mentioned before and it will last decades.
                         "But it is the profile and the way it is installed that will make the difference."
                                                                   Unlike exposed fasteners systems, Standing Seam Double Lock panels are attached                                                                                                to the roof deck by cleats avoiding penetration of the panel. The cleat will allow                                                                                                       thermal movement so it won't damage the panel.  Then a power seamer is                                                                                                       run on  every seam, double locking the two sheets together. This type of metal                                                                                                       roof  system  has the highest wind resistance and water tightness.

Standing Seam Double Lock panels can be run from the ridge all the way 
to the eaves in one solid piece on areas with two different pitch. Normally 
located on carports, patios and additions.

                                                                    A  Double Lock Standing Seam Roof will give your home or business 
                                                                               great curb appeal with  a clean cut finish. They're durable and long lasting, 
                                            one less thing to worry about for your home or business.

​                                                                  Again this is my opinion based on 20 yrs. of experience with metal roofing.

So, if you're building your home or need to replace your old roof let your builder or contractor know you want a Standing Seam Double Lock metal roof.

This one is not tighten enough, this is just as bad as the other one.
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